Flashsale: TV-box NEXBOX A95X всего за $22.99

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Распродажа отличных коробочек на современном процессоре Amlogic S905. Продлится до окончания товара.
Используя поинты можно скинуть цену еще на 30%, в итоге цена будет около $15!

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? Amlogic S905 quad-core CPU is rapid and stable which can give you high-speed feedback and smooth response.
? Mali-450 as GPU of this TV Box which gives you the high definition pictures and videos.
? With 64bit Android 5.1 stable and smooth system.
? 1GB DDR3 + 8GB eMMC Flash Memory: It gives you more space to download your favorite apps and caches to browse websites, play games, run apps, watch movies more smoothly.
? 2.4GHz WiFi (10 / 100Mbps Ethernet)
? Supports H.265 video code, enjoy the high-resolution video even at a low-internet-speed environment.
? Supports 4K HD video, which brings us clearer image quality and 3D vision enjoy.
? HDMI connector: DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD Bypass through HDMI. You can directly connect your TV to NEXBOX A95X TV box through an HDMI cable and set up your home cinema for the best 4K x 2K HD multimedia experience.
? Supports mouse and keyboard via USB. Supports 2.4GHz wireless mouse and keyboard via 2.4GHz USB dongle.
? Supports multiple languages and multiple formats video.
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ого, отличная цена! Я себе взял
Ребят, присоединяюсь, мне с балами в 18,93 обошелся, надеюсь нормального качества будет, потому как очень дешево получается…
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